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Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 7: Flight plans coming!!!!

Alright,  so we have reality of time here at the MTC.  I cannot believe it is another P-day.  And two weeks from today we are Gone!!!!! I'm so excited! We get our flight plans as early as Tuesday this week!  It will be interesting so to see what way around the world they send us... Some of the older districts have gone to Detroit, New York and all the way around that way and some go to LA, Taiwan or Hong Kong and then Manila! 
It has been a pretty good week, I finally got the first vision down in Tagalog and I gave the whole thing in TRC-- which was by the far the best lesson we had taught so far (Thursday) all Tagalog.  Now we are teaching the plan of salvation in Tagalog. It is crazy how fast we learn this stuff, but I definitely have a testimony of how the Lord helps us learn. 
So last night I went and said goodbye to Elder Derrick. It was sad but not a sad as i thought it might be. I think we both know we are making huge steps in our life and that it will go by super fast! And next time we see each other we will be men (right?). 
I got packages from grandma and you... I am so excited to start the 12 days of Christmas and I am so happy to have a football! We aren't supposed to play football here but I'm glad I have it for the Philippines :)
Funny story.. Sunday in priesthood meeting my comp Elder Deyoung and I had to give the white handbook topic which was baptism so we read and told them about it and then asked if they had any questions... The branch presidency always has obscure questions to usually stump the elders. He didn't have any this time for us but.... he wanted us to give a demonstration of what you do to baptism..fine right...well they decide that Elder Deyoung should be the baptizer. I dont know if you can tell from pictures but I have nearly a foot and 60 pounds on him.. Needless to say we went down, but I didn't come back up..The presidency has a real sense of humor, eh?
So the food is getting pretty dull here, it's probably a good thing actually.. the first month or so I gained 6 pounds and since then I have lost it all. I still love the Chocolate milk though. I will sure miss milk in the Philippines. I heard there is very little and it is very expensive. We got a bunch of new missionaries this week (I guess our replacments maybe) and there were 2 more elders going to Cauayaun so I might be comps with them in a while. It's crazy to see how far we have come in just 7 weeks.  I remember when we didn't even know how to say what our name was. It's slow progression everyday but the Lord uses small and simple means to bring great things to pass.
I asked the Branch Presidency what their stance is on dad coming to the airport. They said it's discouraged but if you want to you can. It's totally up to you. If you do come tell me and I'll probably give you a box of stuff I dont want to bring. If not I might mail it or just give it away. 
I'm getting used to being district leader and it isnt too bad.  I just have to conduct a lot of meetings and go to extra meetings and write extra papers. The worst part of it is having to get the mail everyday. Everyone bugs you all day to get the mail. But it is nice to be the first one to get it anyhow. 
Happy Birthday to Holly and Katie, Im sending them a letter today for their birthdays. Their party sounded awesome (especially for dad)!
Also this week our Branch President challenged us to say a 1 hour long prayer, and we did. It was really awesome and went surprisingly fast. God answers prayers, I know he love each on of us. 
I love you all and once again I'm running out of time and I have to go. I hope all is well and by next week I should have flight plans to tell you about! Keep the faith -- I love you all!!!!!
Mahal Kita!
Elder Griffin

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