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Thursday, December 30, 2010

AJ arrived safely at Mission Home

We still haven't heard from AJ but the Sister he was traveling with called her mom.  This is what she said: 

Chanelle said that after they arrived in Manila one by one all of the Missionaries were met by Church representatives; either by Mission Presidents or other, she said it was a strange feeling to say good bye to her companion of 2 months.

Chanelle and Elder Griffin had to go to the MTC in Manila to meet up with the native Missionaries that would be traveling north too. Chanelle said that the MTC was small but was across the street from the beautiful Manila Temple, so they had the opportunity to walk on the grounds. At 7:30 pm their time, they boarded the bus and literally rode all night.

Chanelle called from President Carlos's office at 3:16 pm Dec. 29, my time. That made it 7:16 am Dec. 30th, their time. She said that they had just arrived not too long before that. But had already taken pictures and had her interview. Chanelle still had an hour to travel to her Santiago Ward, and she knew who her companion was going to be.

Thank you to Sister Martinez for letting us know they arrived safely! 

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