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Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 6: Devotional with Sister Sheri Dew

Maligayang Pasko Pamillya! (Merry Christmas - that was for Katie!)
I can't believe it is P-Day! time is going so fast here. The days are long but the weeks fly by sometimes.
Today the district older than us leaves and then we are the oldest district and I have only three weeks left in the MTC! yeah!!! 
Thanks you so much for your prayers and support, this week was fairly uneventful and quick. 
Thanks to Katie and the Elders Quorum for the letters this week.  They are awesome and I'm working on some letters today as well. 
This week was just really busy learning and practicing teaching Tagalog.   I think we taught the first lesson in Tagalog about 8 times this week and I think we pretty much got it down(very simply) and then we just pray.  They don't ask any questions haha! Tons to learn still and it is crazy.  We only have 3 weeks left. 
So Tuesday's devotional was Sheri Dew, the Relief Society President and she talked about how we need to love our companions, our mission president and the people if we are going to be a successful missionary. 
Just had class study and teaching appointments for Wednesday and then on Thursday we had TRC which is basically the test every week to see if we met the goals.  We talked then ran a "cafe" about food and then shared a short message and got a return appoitment.  Then we come back 10 mins later and teach a full lesson. I usually like them but this week they didn't have enough volunteers so we had to teach with another companionship, so 4 missionarys one investigator.... Very strange.. wasn't prepared to teach like that either as me and my comp are pretty good just teaching with each other. 
Really a pretty average week.  Sunday was long because it was fast Sunday and I had to go to extra meetings as well because of being a district leader. The district leader bascially has to get the mail all the time and conduct all the meeting of the district and remind people about rules (worst part). Its alright...but at least i didnt get called zone leader as we just got new ZLs... they have a million meetings and extra stuff to do. 
Thats awesome that dad and grampa and the boys got to go the game. I heard they won pretty easy and it was at the ESA. Apparently Jimmer didnt have to great of game? Only 16 points haha? I usually don't hear about scores till the mail or Weds but this morning our cleaning inspector buddy was in and he hooked us up with the weekend news. I heard about the bowls and stuff too. I told ya all Auburn was legit haha. Ah Idk they might get killed by Oregon? 
On Sunday we also had 2 hour mission conference but it was sweet because I ran into Elder Abel and we were able to catch up a bit. We were both like yeah MTC is sweet..but I'm ready to get out of here and I  sure miss football haha. 
Basketball is pretty decent here but they don't let you have tooo much fun. They only let you play 3 on 3 half court and for about 50 mins 5 times a week. But the last few weeks they keep shutting down the gym randomly so lose a gym period or two the last few weeks.
There was an announcement that the MTC will not take any packages past the 22nd I think so send any Christmas stuff early. Also my comp loves the tie- he has worn it like 3 times this week hahaha. We have been doing the reading and advent calendar every night and it is awesome.  Looks like a lot of work went into putting all those scriptures together, I  really appreciate it! And i think about you all when we do it  as well. 
I was wondering if you could send my football deflated witth a little pump for christmas? I definetly want to teach the filipios football ahah. 
How is everybody? What are you all doing for Christmas? How is school and work and the Radio show? How are the fantasy teams.  I have already stopped worrying about the Cowboys,  I guess it was a good time for me to take off as it sounds like they went straight down hill from there. 
Supposedly we get our flight plans in the next week or two so Ill let ya know what the plan will be and when I get to call you from the airport.  I am working on some letters and I think I'll try to send you some more pictures before I'm outta here... All is well the work goes on.. I love it here and I love you all! I miss you but I know this is the best place for me to be right now. I hope all is well  and I pray for you all every day.
Have a great week
Mahal Kita
Elder Griffin
Love you!!!!

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