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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank you everyone!

AJ with Elder and Sister Shaner
As AJ makes his way home these next 36 hours, we just want to thank those that have helped our son in any way over the last two years. As a former missionary, I know what a difference a friendly face, some homemade cooking or even a hug can make in an Elder's life.
We will be eternally grateful to people like Pres. and Sis. Carlos, Elder and Sis. Shaner, Elder Ducky, Elder Weaver, Elder valdez and the countless members and non-members that had positive influences on our son. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

From the Shaners blog:
"This week we bade a fond farewell to Elder Griffin...he was our Zone Leader in Roxas for many months and we came to love him like one of ours. He reminds both of us so much of our youngest son and that probably strengthened the ties we had with him. As I type this, he is in Manila making his last minute preparations, repacking his suitcase and will fly out tomorrow morning to return to St George to his loving family who will greet him with open arms. We will miss this mighty warrior..."

Saturday, November 3, 2012

St. George Airport -- long awaited arrival!

Aj arrived safe and sound and even a wee bit ahead of schedule!  I got my long awaited mama hug and AJ looked healthy and happy.  Says he is about 23 pounds lighter (but it looks like more to me!)

One of his bags didn't make it back but the airline delivered it 24 hours later.  I don't think he even missed it!