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Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 4: Learning Tagalog

Kumasta Pamillya!
Um,  sounds like a pretty busy week for you all. Real busy here too. This week has gone by even faster than last week. I can't believe I have been here a month.

I think Tagalog is coming pretty well.  I use every word I know all day long for the most part when talking. It is scary though, because next week we have to give the entire 1st lesson in Tagalog and all class work/discussions completely in Tagalog.  I don't feel ready for it yet. I guess I just need to keep working hard and trust in the Lord and it will work out.
I'm definitely getting sick of the food. But it is a good thing, I was eating too much! Now I just eat normal amounts, ha. This week I wrote my first talk in Tagalog,  It is about 2-3 minute long. I'm thinking about giving it to you on the tape. Basically starting the third week you have to write a talk and right after sacrament they randomly pick 2 people to give a talk... This week it wasn't me. I was kind of sad because I was proud of my talk, haha.
On Wednesday I had study time at 1:00-2:00 so I went out and studied by where the newbys come in and I was able to see Derrick. I talked to him for a few minutes and he was pretty stoked. I wasn't able to go see him until Friday or Saturday because I was so busy, but I did find some time and went and chatted with him. He look exhausted but looked like he was having a good time.
I got the stuff you sent, Thank You so Much!!!! It is SO nice not to have to wear stink shorts to gym everyday. We get gym 5 days a week for 50 mins each so I always play ball and play really hard. I think I have gotten a lot better since I've been in the MTC. I'm pretty much the tallest in my gym time (and pretty much in the MTC except maybe 1 kid) so I've been using the Griffin post game for sure. Thanks for showing how to use my size Dad :)
Last Tuesday we had a guy from the Quorom of the Seventy and he was pretty good (not as good as an Apostle, but what can I say). Rumor has it that President Holland is coming for Thanksgiving so I'm crossing my fingers... If it happens it will be sick!
Thursday we had a teaching appointment where we had to talk to a guy for 15 mins in Tagalog. It went really well (I also find out he's Hindi Gusto Lebron -- He doesnt like Lebron, haha) and then we taught the 2nd lesson in English and it was really awesome. The spirit was there and it flowed really well and I think we got the message across very simply. The Tagalog guy had 2 of his friends with him that only spoke English so it was really good. Maybe they aren't members and the lesson was for real?!?!
My Comp, Elder Deyoung, has been sick for like a week and a half but he is pretty much better now. He had a nasty cold and it didn't go away till we went to the clinic and got him some meds. Unfortunately he has been coughing ALL over me for a week so it might only be a matter of time...
My teachers are really awesome. I love them so much. One of them is named Bro. Molina and he is Filipino(kind of, he grew up in Vegas) but he speaks the best-fastest Tagalog of any teacher in the MTC so I think we will be a lot better off because of it. It is hard to figure out what he says but we can still catch most of it, while the other districts can't catch any of him. My other teacher is named Sister Sorensen. She got back from Naga, Philippines, like three months ago. She is soooo nice. She really brings the spirit into the room too, even in Tagalog.
This week I was reading in CH 5 of Preach My Gospel about how the B of M answers questions of the soul and that's an awesome exercise. I refer you to chapters that answer really sweet questions. You guys should check it out. At least read Helaman ch 5.
On Saturday we had study for like 4 hours straight so we took a break and went for walk. We went around the MTC's edges and looked upon Provo... and I beheld the great the spacious building (Lavell Edwards Stadium) all lit up. I could hear the arena music and the P.A. guy.  I was so jealous.  The game was so darn close to the MTC.  Ah well I heard the next day it was a blow out so not that much of big deal, right?
My roomie and I have been working out for a little bit at night and we were wondering if maybe you could send some P90X workout routines or something -- if its not to much trouble. I think the Plyos, chest and yoga.

Well again I dont have enough time to say everything but I gotta go cuz it's kicking us out.

I love you and I pray for you every day!

Love Elder Griffin

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