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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Update on AJ's old room

Last Saturday I spent the day wetting down the border and removing the old wallpaper.  Took longer than expected but eventually with the help of a product I found at Nisson's Variety I was able to remove all of it.  Whew.  This week marks 14 years for me at Washington City Justice Court (where does the time go?!) and because of that I had some time that I needed to use or lose.  So I had off Thursday and Friday.    The whole family groans when I have a day off because it means there will be some insane project to be tackled and I'll want their help! 

This week was no different.  I was able to find primer and paint at Home Depot and had everything lined up to paint Aj's room Thursday. I even found a paint gun (how cool is that?!)  Wow that was fun.  I primed and painted the whole room before the kids got home from school.  And it came out pretty good!!! 

Andy and the boys have been anxiously awaiting the changing of the room from AJ's room to the MAN CAVE so as soon as I left for a minute they pulled out their FAT HEAD posters and covered the room in sports garb. 

We moved AJ's desk to the back porch (any body need a desk?) and gave away his bed.  We will eventually probably get a sofa and TV and move the game system back and hopefully clear out our living room.   No more VEGHEADS allowed in the living room!

The weather here has been wonderful and so Friday morning was spent trimming all the big bushes in the yard and then Andy and I had a "day date".  We were able to walk the mall like teenagers and enjoy lunch at Winger's before having to return to parenting and work later in the evening.

All in all a productive and fun couple of days off!

Next update will be from AJ!!  Just keeping updated on the room progress!

Oh yeah.  And it sure is quiet around here these days.  Lights are usually out and everybody in by 10 p.m. nowadays.  And there is milk in the house.  Weird!

Love you AJ!!!!  So glad you are in chocolate milk heaven (MTC)!!!  We are proud of you.

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