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Monday, November 1, 2010

Week 1: First Letter from the MTC

Kumusta Pamillyia!
Hey how are you all! Thank you so much for the's they are so awesome; we get them every night at 9... Monday will be my P-Day while I'm in the MTC so that's when you can expect me... 
We only get 30 Mins on the Computer so it would be easier if you sent me a big Dearelder. com on Saturdays, then I can spend more time writing to you!
I'm loving the MTC.  The spirit is so strong and there is so much to do! The first couple of days I really didn't like it... there was like12 hours of time in the class on super uncomfortable chairs.  Now the schedule is a little different and it it really fun! 
The first few days we were just pounded with tons of rules.   Most of them are pretty good rules but some off them are really silly. 
The food is absolutely awesome here.  There is great food for every meal and it's all you can eat it is hard to slow down.  The best part is there is chocolate milk every meal -- all you can drink :)   
I saw Taylor the first day and got to talk to him for just a sec and he helped me find my classroom, then on Sunday we had a temple walk and I got to talk to him for good little while.   It was cool to see him and actually see how he was doing. I saw Jordan Abel a couple times but we were both so busy all we could say was Hi and then keep going. 
It's pretty cool here.  We typically have breakfast at 7:00, then a class till lunch time, then either our personal studies, language study and companion study either in the afternoon or evening along with another long class.  Sometimes we have our study in the morning.  It's basically different everyday but we have them all at some point each day.  Sunday's are probably the best.  They have extra study time, priesthood, district meeting and then sacrament meeting and then a temple walk where you get to hang out and take pictures and kind of relax.  I was really tired after these crazy days and Sunday was a great chance to slow down a little bit.  In the evening we had a devotional that was really good and then they showed a film.  We watched The Legacy.
There were 29 people that came in on the 27th going to the Philippines and about 30 more in the zone that are also going to the Philippines but there are only 2 other elders and 1 sister going to Cauayaun. rumor has it that Cauayan has a TON of dialects and they typically only send natives there because it is so hard to learn all of them, :/ 
It's kind of crazy that I'm getting sent there.  Tagalog still seems so wierd to me, but I'm sure it will come. They have already taught us to pray and testify in Tagalog and lots of other stuff.  The days seem really long- there is just so much going on it is crazy.   
I love it though and love you guys and am so thankful for your prayers. 
I am working on a tape to send back.  I really only have time on P-day to talk on it but in a few weeks I'll send it home. I also bought a CD for like 2 bucks that I was able to put my pictures on so I'll send that to you this week hopefully. 
Thanks again for all the letters ,my room mates are jealeous cuz I've gotten a letter everyday. 
The Chases also sent me an awesome package and I'm sending them a letter today too. 
I miss you and Love you !
Also if this letter comes out kind of weird,  this email is doing funky things...
I love you all so much, keep the dearelder's coming --  i love them  -- they are an awesome end to these busy busy days.
The church is true!!!
Love Elder A.J. Griffin)


  1. Look for my little brother in Cauayan--Elder Sam Moffat from Philadelphia! Good luck in the Philippines!