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Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 2: MTC

Ya those pictures loaded up good.  I can just look at them that's it, though and I can't send pics through email in the MTC.  But today I am mailing home a CD of pictures from my camera... you can get pics and CD made in the bookstore.  I can't look at the blog or anything this computer goes to and email nothing else haha... 
Thanks for the letters all week I love em! I have been writing down all your questions all week so I'll try and anwer them real quick. 
Dad: Me and all my roomates love the score updates so keep em coming. The other day this inspection guy came in to look at our room and we like interogatted him for 15 minutes asking him all about sports haha! I heard TCU killed Utah and I promise I was pulling for Utah slightly haha. I have learned in the last few days something intresting: You know whats worse than a Ute fan?? Boise State fans! They are Terrible!! They are way worse than Ute fans haha. I was very pleased that the undermanned Filipionos beat the Bazookas -- That is awesome! Good work Dallas! Also ya know how ya said that last week felt like a month since I've been gone?  Well, I can't agree more. The first week in here was so long. This week flew by though.
So i was wondering who sent me the popcorn factory package? I think it was mom but not sure... it didnt say who it was from but whomever it was thank you! It was way good!
Last night I went to Taylor's dorm and chatted with him and said goodbye cuz he just left the MTC about 30 minutes ago! He looked way stoked and excited. He showed me his travel plans and he only has (2 planes) 1 transfer to get to Santigago and then I think he has a pretty good bus ride to get to Vina Del Mar.  He was all packed and his suitcases were like 49 pounds each haha. He is traveling with like 20 people that are going to his mission so I think he is gonna have a great time. He said he was nervous a few days ago but now he is just stoked! 
I'll try to recap the week as it was a pretty good one... 
Tuesday was awesome. We had good classes and we had a devotional and M. Russell Ballard.  He  came and spoke about being master communicators and how we can be the best missionarys if we are able to find each individuals needs and to get to know and connect with the person so that we can teach to their needs by the spirit. I heard this was the 3rd apostle in a row and that is apparently a record to have apostles come back-to-back-to-back weeks. He was awesome. 
Weds and Thurs were pretty busy and uneventful for the most part. I love my teachers they are really cool and they speak Tagalog to us most of the time and starting week 4 they will only speak tagalog. Tagalog is hard but it is coming along slowly.  We are supposed to memorize 20 words a day plus a phrase and whatever we cover in class which is 3-6 hours of class a day. 
On Thursday we had what is called TRC for the first time. We had to talk to a "investigator" for 15 minutes in Tagalog and get to know them. Our investigator was really quiet so failed pretty miserable. We talked to her for 6-8 minutes which was all the Tagalog we bascially knew and then....well we tried to remember stuff. It was pretty brutal. We then would come back after 5 minutes and teach the lesson in english which went pretty well. I really love teaching it its one my favorite things. We have the first lesson down pretty well and we have even changed it on the fly when our investigators were concerned with a paticuallar principle. 
On Sunday it was fast Sunday and I did a whole 24-25 hour fast it was hard and I was so hungry but it was good.  And then during fast testiomoney meeting I went up and bore my testimony completly in Tagalog (it only lasted about a minute) ha.
I'm almost out of time but I'll tell you about my comp real quick.  He is from New hampshire and he is pretty cool we dont get along all the time and he is kind of clean person so I drive him nuts sometimes but for the most part we get along well and we teach really well together I think.
Well I'm really out of time now I love you all and ill be sending some pics and letters out today so have a great week.
The Church is true.
Elder AJ Griffin

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