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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Week 92: Rainy days and Monson quotes

Roxas Zone with the Carloses (seated, left) and the Tehs (seated, center). The Shaners are seated on the right.

Dear Family,

Well this week we had interviews with President, it was kind of a weird interview as it was kind of, "Well, your almost done any last requests. I didnt request anything though....I'm down with whatever the Lord has in mind. Yeah that was basically the jist of the interview. We had a good week of work though we are little sad that people we were hoping on didnt make it to church this week.

One of our successes though is that Sister Helen Lopez, passed her interview this week and will be baptized on the 4th of august. So we have been teaching Sister Helen for 6 months now and she is a great lady. She is in her mid 60's and a few years ago had a stroke that paralyzed half the left side of her body. Every time we teach her, her husband is there but isn't interested yet and doesn't seem to enjoy us being there. When we try to involve him in the lesson he just says that it's alright for his wife but he isn't ready yet. At least he listens and someday the spirit will soften his heart.  Sister Lopez is really excited about being baptized and it should be interesting because she can't go in cold water so we will have to boil a bunch of water or the branch is trying to get some appliance from ilagan that you put in water and it is supposed to make it work. She is kind of a big lady So I have been elected to baptize her to make sure everything goes down without any problems (of course because I am a giant here).
So it's been a rainy week here. The other day coming from our furthest area and getting scorched on the way there with it being so hot, after visiting a recent convert family we had like a 30 min walk back to the highway and about 20 mins of it it rained cats and dogs. I didn't have an umbrella, but my companion did, but he got just as wet as I did. We were soaked. Somedays on the mission I just laugh and I did that day. We were just soaked head to toe in shirt and tie. I don't know why either but I was totally fine with it. I was just like oh well. I am sure in 20 years I'll have really great memories of days like that. The Philippine weather is just so unpredictable. It's funny.

We are teaching a cool family we found in the area book. A few weeks ago we were trying to figure out what to do in those afternoon hours and we found a family that had been taught by the sisters back in the day as well as by E. Daq and I think bayles (both friends of mine in the mission from back in the day) Anyway that day we contacted them and have taught them a few times. The parents aren't married yet but want to get married and we talked about eternal families last night and what they need to do to become an eternal family. Anyway it was a really great lesson and their kids are so cute and they are good people. Anyway I think it's the coolest contact I've made from the former investigators.

I have two random President Monson quotes that are not connected in anyway...but that are equally awesome

"If you ever find yourself in a place you shouldn't be, get out!"
"You cant be doing right by doing wrong, you cant be doing wrong by doing right"

Also Sister Fema's Mom, who we have been teaching for about 6 months and has been going to church all the time with us finally this week stopped going to the iglesia ni cristo and really l seems to have a sincere desire to be baptized. She has goal date on aug 25.

Well I love you so much and I am so thankful to be part of an eternal family. I never realized... REALLY how blessed we are to have this gospel and especially to have great parents that love the Lord. It is so awesome that we can be a family forever. Love you tons!!!



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