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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 91: Teachings from the leaders

Zone Conference trust issues.

Dear Family,

So we had a great week and learned a ton from Elder Teh as he visited this last wednesday.

So first off I want to share some of the things Elder Teh taught us. One thing he talked about was the story of Joshua in Josh chapter 3 about how he probably felt very inadequete and very humbled to be the replacement of Moses in leading the israelites but the Lord promised to magnify him and let the people know that the same God that magnified moses would magnify him. So their first you could say problem arose and they had to cross a big river and the Lord promised to stop the river but he told josh. that those carrying the ark of the covanent would have to first get their feet wet(no its not just a cliche) but that once they showed their faith the Lord would help them get accross. So the walked into the river and the Lord magnifyied the words of Joshua and stopped the river. So as the missionaries or priesthood holders or members of the church, the first thing we need to know is that we are NOT sufficient for the job but it is not impossible. The Lord will magnify those that are humble and obiedient and seek his help.

The next thing I wanted to share was our discussion on John chapter 10. What I thought was really cool was that Elder Teh and President Carlos applied it not just to missionaries or mission life but to becoming a good father and priesthood holder for life. It talks about the sheep following the good Shepard but if we are not living what we teach we become as strangers to the sheep and they listen no more. It also talks about the hireling who cares not for the sheep and is watching them just for payment, and when trouble(wolves) come around they flee and care not for the sheep. Anyway read john 10 its bomb.

President shared again with us the great story of Alma and him being totally rejected spit upon and despised and then being commaned by the angel to go back and then finding Amulek. So he talked about always remeber to look for the amuleks and to keep going always go for one more try and stuff.

One of the coolest things Elder Teh shared was about the PNC(Puede na Current)(the Good enough Current) So he talked about how in Finding Nemo, nemo's dad and dore run into the turtles that are waiting to ride the East Australian current(EAC) so they can get to sidney, Well eventually they all get on it and some of the turtles are just chillin hangin back and stuff and its real easy. Once your in the current you just go with flow. Eventually they get to sidney and find nemo. So anyway he said in the Mission there is a current called the good enough current. If you are really disobiedient then the president and the district and zone leaders will be after you and if your 100 % obiedient then it really hard to keep up that pursuit of excellence. He said the really dangerous spot it in the middle because you can pretty much just chill and be halfway somewhat diligent and still get baptisms. He said though that you get exactly what you put into your mission nothing more and nothing less. So I was just thinking for life there is also a PNC where we can not be to terrible obiedient to the commandments of God and it will appear that we are doing just fine. Any way we need to stay out of there and get on top. The cool part about the PNC, elder teh said whenever you want to you can get out of the PNC and strive for excellence at the top. 

Also check out Alma 49, Elder Teh talked about in his fireside in roxas how in this story we can see that adversary learns and changes up his attack plan so we need to have better defenses than those in the past. He talked about how in his family they never had scrip. study and he turned out ok but that for our families we need to have better defenses if we are going to be ok because the adversary makes more effective attack plans on the family.

Also Check out D&C 31 as well and read about all the cool blessing missionaries get especially blessing that their family will receive.

Finally president talked about how we need to serve with all our heart might mind and strength and then it is the lords prerogative if he chooses to bless us with success.

I also feel very grateful this week. I have been kind of reflecting on my mission this week and all the miracles that I've seen. I was also thinking about what president said and I feel very humbled and grateful at all the success he has given us. All the amazing unthinkable unpredictable things that have happened especially my change of heart personally and seeing literally and very quickly the change of heart in investigators. Its amazing.

So update on the Gabaldon family. They are doing great and their dad and alision(14) got the priesthood yesterday. They really enjoyed the Fireside with elder Teh on wednesday and in priesthood yesterday they talked about calling and they are really excited to get a calling wanted to know how or when new members get callings. We were talking with President Munoz about it and he is thinking and praying about what calling would be great for them.

This last saturday we had a great experience. So I am pretty sure I told you about the Havana family. The house that had crazy cow by it and then as we walked by the mom called us and asked if we had anything we could give to here about the church. Anyway over the past few months the husband hasnt been there much but the sister is very interested and has come to church a few times over the past few months. So especially in the last 2 weeks every time we come by brother hasnt been home. Well last sunday they just totally shocked us and showed up as family to church and stayed the whole block and loved it. In Priesthood brother shared with the quarem that ever since we have been visiting that his relationship with his wife has improved and they never fight anymore and that it has been great. Well this this week we were able to visit them twice and on Saturday we gave them a baptismal date on the 25th of august and they are super excited. They came to church again yesterday as family and stayed the whole time and really enjoyed it. Brother June is a waiter for catering company and Sister stays at home and takes care of their 7 year old boy.(he is very energetic and loud so lessons are hard sometimes though)

The sister I told you about named Karen hasnt left yet and probably wont leave now to laguna so we gave her a baptismal date on September 15 and she is super golden.

So we have been teaching this sister Helen Lopez that is in her 60s now for about 6 months. It has gone kind of long because her husband isnt really happy about it and we wanted to focus on her reading. Anyway she always comes to church but would always go home after sacrament meeting. So it was cool this last week we shared D&C 88:77-78 and talked about why they have those classes and then on sunday she was totally cool with going there. We had been trying to get her to go to sunday school and relief society for like 6 months and just sharing the WHY had a way bigger effect on her then anything else it was cool. She will be getting interviewed for baptism this saturday and things are looking good and she is looking ready and her husband said she could get baptised. Her husband always sits in with the lessons but doesn't participate. Hopefully he is listening somewhere insided. Sister helen really loves here husband and want him to join her at church and eventually in the temple. It should also be an intrestying baptism because she had a stroke back in the day and is kind of weak. She also cant go in cold water or its supposed to be all painful so we are going to have to boil a bunch of water when she is baptized.

Well I got a million more things I want to tell you about but there is not time. I guess at the end I just want to say I know this work is true and that the Lord directs it. I know that he loves us and knows us and knows what we are going though and is happy with every single sacrifice we make for our family or for the church or for the kingdom. I love you tons!

Love you!!!!


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