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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Week 96: Hard times and happy times...the mission is amazing!

Grandma sent birthday money and AJ bought PB&J!
Dear Family,

Glad to hear you got into the house although it sounds like it was a lot more complicated than it should have been... Now Dallas' and Bryce also can terrorize the highways at the same time with having another vehicle? Man lots of stuff changes... I still never met Jonny's wife or kid or Marcus' kid either...

A really big burger!
So we had a great week and there were times that were hard and times that were really happy and fun and we are happy to say we gave it all we could this week and it doesn't even matter what happens or what the result was because we gave it our all and it feels great to have done so and continue to do so. We continue to see miracles. So this week we taught fasting to a couple we are teaching that has a baptismal date in September. So one of their problems is that the wife works on sunday and the past couple weeks she was able to get off for sacrament but had to go right back to church. So we taught them that they can fast in order to get closer to God and ask for special blessings in their lives so they were excited to do a fast and we all decided to do a fast on friday in order to help them get a job or soften the heart of her boss so that she could keep the sabbath day holy. So on friday we fasted and we got to their house and apparently the couple got in a fight and the wife went to manilla. We had a really really discouraging day and in our last appointment the husbands parents said that stuff up we found that happened and we were so sad for them. We continued our fasting though and on Sunday they both came together to church. When we taught them sunday night everything seemed normal and we read 3 nephi 14 together with their family. I dont know what really went down but we were way surprised when they came to church so it was good. We just need to work with them still to get them the next little way to be ready for baptism. 

So this one day we just looking for former investigators and generally looking for people to teach and we met this white philippino. When we first saw him we thought he was american and We didnt know whether to speak tagalog to him or english. So what happened we found a member we were looking for and then she took us to him and when he first saw us hey said "hey, Do you speak the english?" And then we are all confused cuz he thought he was some american dude but his English was all wrong. Anyway it turns out he is totally philippino he just somehow was born white.... He is like an engineer dude and we taught his once so far and he is intrested and really smart. He totally gets what we share to him.

So we had a good week. We had a couple days that were hard and nothing we tried seemed to work but the greatest part of it is that if you do your best you dont need to worry about what happens even if we have no success if we did our best the Lord accepts the sacrifice. There is a really a great feeling at the end of the day to be exhausted and totally satisfied that you did your best for the best cause of all mankind!

And we also had tons of great things happen as well this week and Every week I've seen miracles. The mission is so amazing to see the lives of being changed and at the same time be changed and never be the same as a result of it. I Love you tons!!!

Have a great week!!!

Oh yeah!

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