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Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 84: A Black Lion and a Narrow Path

This black lion has nothing to do with AJ. I just thought it was really cool.
Dear Family,

So we are just barely emailing right now as we had an activity in Tabuk yesterday that took longer than we anticipated so we got up early today to write a little but but I am not gonna be too long as we gotta catch a bus in a few minutes to go to zone conference.

So a few quick things that happened this week. By the way its planting season again here in the roxas area. Its my favorite time as the fields are beautiful. In all the rice fields their are these little paths of pretty much grass about 6 inches to a foot wide that are usually slippery, With muddy rice fields on either side about 3 feet deep.  Anyway the other we met a LA member we had been looking for for a couple weeks now. Anyway we asked if we could come to his house and share a message to him and his family. He was reluctant and kept saying to path was too hard to get to his house. We assured him we could make it and eventually we left and followed him though the fields to his house. We had to go about half a mile though the rice fields on those tiny slippery paths. Back in my second area we had a similar situation and I splipped back in the day in the mud haha. Fortunately I did better this time and we made it too his house mud free. There were a couple close calls but we made it. It was kind of fun to be honest. haha

Also that same day taught one more lesson in that area and because of the field detour we were late to our appointment with a new family we had only taught once so far. We were about a 25 min walk away and there are usually not any rides that time of night. We ll I guess we really needed to teach that family because a tryce came by and we were able to get a ride and just as we were arriving the family was locking up their gate because they thought we weren't coming. They let us in and the whole family was there and ready to listen. We shared the Restoration Story challenged them to pray and gave them a Book of Mormon. The spirit was strong.

Also one of our investigators is a Dad with 5 kids I think, and his wife and kids are all active members. His name is Brother Laggui. Anyway he has been taught by the missionaries for something like 4 or 5 years and could never get rid of his drinking problem. Even we have been teaching him since I was transferred to roxas, same story. These past few weeks have been very cool though. He has not drank in a couple weeks and even told that one day he was feeling really week and just wanted to go drinking but he didnt have any money, so he went to a couple of his friends house to see if they had any alcohol but they didnt. He thought about searching for some at some other friends house but decided not to anymore, but to just go home and be with his family! Anyway we really think that now might be his time and I really hope so because he and his family are so great! We have been praying really hard for him and this week he came to church for the first time since I have been in roxas!

So one of our investiators(his wife is a member) is getting married this week(they were living together but werent married yet) so that really great and I got a million of other things to tell you but we gotta take off.

I really know this gospel is true. The philippines and this mission has changed me forever. I will never be the same person and I never know how much Heavenly Father loves his children. I love you tons!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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