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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week 83: Hot and Rainy in Roxas

Dear Family,

Howdy Y'all! So its been a hot, rainy and great week of sharing the gospel here in Roxas.

So this we week had another cool experience. We were working Saturday after lunch and we had 30 mins before a meeting at the church, so after our plan fell through we just started walking in the general direction of the church and then after a bit we decided to turn down a certain street, then as we walked by a few houses we just felt a strong prompting to go to a house that was a bit hidden by trees and stuff. We went in the yard and tao po'ed. A man answered and after talking to others in the house he let us in and we were able to share with them. It was husband and wife and then some of their siblings. They received our message very well and asked us some of those questions like why are there lots of churches and stuff. They already have friends and people they know that are active members. They are really great and we got a return appointment to them on Wednesday!

By the way Sister Fema Tan(recent convert) is doing really great and was just called to be a seminary teacher for the group of youth in her barangy. She still wants to go on a mission really bad (she is 32 and single). President told her no however.  She always asks us to tell President Carlos to let her go on a mission. We told her if Pres. Carlos said No that probably means she needs to get ready for Temple Marriage. Her brother Brian has been in the MTC for about a week and sounds like he is doing good. I guess Elder Nelson of the 12 came to Manila and talked to the mission presidents and their wives as well as the missionaries in the MTC.

I guess President Carlos's Mother died and he is going to the funeral this week. Keep him in your prayers.

We had another really cool contact this week near the Tan's house. Our planned appointments fell through and we went to follow up an oym. We went to this house that we had oym'ed an old lady and when we got there a young wife answered and said she has seen us going to houses around there and has been waiting for us to go to her house. She also said the old lady we had oym'ed went home to Pangasianan and took the pamphlet with here. Any way we talked to her for a few minutes and gave a Book of Mormon, and set a return appointment for when her husband would be home. On Friday we went back and unfortunately her husband was drunk, but she was really excited and read parts of the pamphlet and Book of Mormon. Her husband promised us that next time we come back he won't be drinking so we will be going back this week.

Yesterday was kind of interesting -- we were going to teach in a certain area and on this neighborhood road was a drunk dude sleeping in the middle of the road (it was only like 4 o clock too). At first we thought it was a bag of rice or something, but as we got close we saw it was a dude. My comp and the Young Men working with us were ahead a little bit and just walked by and were like he is drunk.. and kept walking and I am like guys we can't just leave here in the middle of road. So we talked to some of the neighbors and found someone that knew him. We decided to pick him up and throw him in a tryce so they could take him home. As we were picking him up he woke up and kind of started freaking out and was like WHY?? WHY?? I DONT WANT TO (All in in Ilokano by the way). And the Filipino dude that was carrying him was like well, he doesnt want to and then just dropped him. I was carrying him by the arms so at least he didn't bang his head. Anyway then he pulled himself up by a barb wire fence (looked really painful but he was so wasted he didnt feel anything)  and started walking off (very wobbly). Then all the other people left and the drunk guy started leaving so we left too. We went back down that road like an hour later and he wasn't there anymore so maybe he made it home.

Then later that night we were at the house of some less active members and it was raining cats and dogs for about an hour. It really wasn't that long but like half the neighborhood we were in got flooded. When we left the water was up to almost to the knees(on Filipinos) and about halfway up my calf. Needless to say we got soaked. I was really surprised, the rain wasnt that long and the flood was already huge. I think the whole town of Roxas would be under water if it rained real good like that for a few days.

Well I know the church is true and I know the mission is awesome. I can't believe how fast time is and how many miracles I've seen and how many great things that have happened while on my mission. This morning I read about Jesus Christ's voice speaking to the people in ancient America that survived all the earthquakes and stuff.(3 nephi 9). He commanded us that the sacrifice we give him is not one of blood or animals, but of a broken heart and contrite spirit. I know that as we do this in our lives we will feel the power of the atonement and that is the key to real happiness. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet, seer and revelator in our time. I know that Joseph Smith saw what he said he saw and that what said happened really did happen. I feel so grateful to share this message with the great people here in Philippines.

Love You!!!!!!!

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