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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 82: Miracles in Roxas

Dear Griffins,

So wow, I can't believe it is Monday again. Well, this week was interesting. Transfers came and Elder Velez and I are staying together another cycle. A bunch of zones got split in half this week, including our zone, so now our zone has half as many missionaries and was also cut in half geographically. Overall it makes our job a ton easier and cuts down on travel a ton as well. It is kind of weird as our zone is only 12 missionaries and only 1 district.

Well, we had another good week of work here in Roxas. The area goals for 2012 in the Philippines are really inspired of God. My first few months here in Roxas we were having a really hard time teaching the LA families. They just never seemed to be available and just didn't seem to be working. But these last few months we have seen miracles. At first, some of the families were kind of cold and not real excited about our visits to them but I am just amazed, and the Church is true! We have seen families that were too busy for gospel change their lives and great things are happening. Yesterday a mother that hadn't been to church in years came to church and this week which was a huge step.

Also, as we were teaching a dad who has 1 RM son and 2 sons on a mission that had become LA and we had a really amazing visit. He cried and told us about how grateful he is to the church for the way his family is turning out and about a letter he got from the mission president about the great things one of his sons has been doing on his mission. That really helped him out. He told us how he hasn't been doing his part and that he wants to and needs to change. He also came to church this week and is doing good.

So in one of our farther areas is some recent converts that we visit maybe once a week or so. All the houses in this area are little in the middle of rice fields. So when we go out there we have been teaching their neighbors and whoever will listen. We were teaching this dad, but he wasnt really progressing. A big problem is that he can't read. Well a few weeks ago his wife came back from Manila and she has been golden. She came to church the second time yesterday and is friends with those recent converts. This week she told us how in the past she had gone to other churches and never felt anything, but as she has been going to church here, she really felt something different. She said she loved sunday school as well. She asked us this week when she can be baptized. So cool!!!!!!!!

By the way, I was reading in Hel. 5 about how Nephi and Lehi were told by their father why they are named after Nephi and Lehi.That they will always be able to remember those great people and their examples so that they would live up to those names. So I stopped and thought about the reasons why I am named Andrew. It was really cool to think about. I am named after my father, named after an apostle (I read all the scrips about Andrew the apostle as well) and I just remember that story, the one about what have you done with my name. So It was cool. Give it a try...

The mission has been so amazing, I have been taught so many lessons ad humbled so many times and seen so many miracles. It's been the greatest, hardest, most blessed time of my whole life.

I am so blessed to have been called here in the Philippines. The people here are so amazing and so kind, so humble. The Philippines Cauayan Mission is definitely the best mission in the world.

Love Y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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