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Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 78: Diamonds and Brownouts

Elders Velez and Griffin and new convert Sister Fema.
AJ: Hey pops!
DAD: Hey, just about to send you some pix from my phone. The deal with the ring is that Mom's diamond got lost and I have been wanting to get her a bigger one for a long time. I finally had an excuse and got her a much bigger and nicer one to go on her original wedding ring. I proposed to her again on the front lawn at Wash City and she said yes again. YEY!!
AJ: Way to go stud! And she accepted on the first proposal this time?! :)
DAD: Yeah, well I proposed that she STAY married to me, so it was a much easier question this time.
AJ: That sounds pretty sweet. That's a pretty rock you got Mom. So this kid in our branch is telling me that the Jazz got Brandon Roy and Gilbert Arenas and that the Clippers are loading up on superstars to help out Blake Griffin. Does that have any truth in it?
DAD: NO truth to any of that. Roy retired from chronic injuries. And there are no stars for the Clips to get until the next offseason, although they do have Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.
AJ: What a toolbox! He said the Jazz traded Millsap for Roy == haha
DAD: Yeah, he was yanking your chain.
AJ: Baptism was awesome this Saturday. President came too, bought us dinner afterward, as well.
DAD: Sweet! Baptism AND free food! Life is goooood! AJ: On Monday Elder Needs (the one who made sloppy joes, BYU lacrosse player) and I will go to Cauayan and watch the Jimmer movie, too.
DAD: Next Monday? Hard to believe BYU has had another season since then. By the way, Jon Oglesby, as it turns out, is not a BYU fan. We should have some interesting conversations come Fall.
AJ: There are a lot more BYU fans than haters in St. George.

DAD: Hey, by the way, Jazz are playing well and looks like they will be in the playoffs. They aren't as good as the D-Will and Boozer years, but are way more fun to watch. Gordon Hayward just keeps getting better and Al Jefferson is money. I like Derek Favors, too. He came over in the D-Will trade, just a second year guy. Great dunker!
They play Phoenix Tuesday with the winner in playoffs for sure.
AJ: How is the Jimmer doing? I forgot basketball was still going on.

DAD: Well, Jimmer's playing time hasn't been great since they fired Westphal two months ago, but he's going to end up the season averaging 8 points in 18 minutes a game. He also has averaged 36 percent from beyond the arc and had about two assists a game. He really struggled on defense, though. They have two games left.
AJ: Pretty good for a rookie white boy from BYU, eh?

DAD: Yeah, I don't think he will ever be a star, but there is definitely a place for him in the league with the way he can shoot.
AJ: Like Kyle Korver, but smaller?

DAD: Exactly, and a little more range. Jimmer goes out to about 30 feet. Korver is an on the line guy.
AJ: We're headed out Pops. LOVE YOU! Drink some chocolate milk for me.

DAD: Will do. Love you!

Dear Family,

So this week Sister Fema was baptized and it was fantastic. President came and the baptism was very cool. So she shared in her testimony a little about her conversion. When we first started teaching her she was very confused and had a ton questions on her mind and she had been taught by other religions, too, but had not joined any of them. Anyway, the first few times we taught her she didn't want to accept what we taught her and after we taught about Joseph Smith, we just challenged her to just prayer and ask God if its true. So this is the part she shared with us Saturday night. After that she had been reading the Book of Mormon and comparing it to the Bible and just trying to answer all her questions. She said every time she would open up the Book of Mormon it would answer her questions. So it was getting late and she wanted to go to sleep. She said it was about 1 a.m., but she couldn't sleep. She said then it was like someone just told her to open it and read (the Book of Mormon) so she did. She said almost all night she was reading the Book of Mormon and then at a certain point she was prompted to pray about it. She did and she felt the spirit and all the crazy questions and stuff she had in her mind didn't matter anymore ... Because SHE KNEW it was true and that this was true church. She is definitely one of the coolest people I've met here in the Philippines.

This week we went on splits with the San Pedro Elders. I was here in Roxas with Elder Oliva. It was a good split and we found a couple of cool less active families that we were able to teach and that seem really nice. I hope we can bring them back.

After we were done teaching in that area, the sisters called us and had us bless someone in branch 1. I was voice for the blessing and after we had been pronouncing the blessing for a minute or so, I went just completely blank. Like literally, I've never been so blank in my life. So I just waited for about 30 seconds or so. It was humbling. But the words did come after awhile.

This week we have been teaching a new family. They have been staying with some members and they are really amazing. Their name is the Casto family. Sister has been to church 3 times now and brother has been once. They have a two year old kid. Sister has been reading everything we have given her and more and brother is starting to open up. The only problem we might have is that they are from a little town in between Roxas and Tuguegarao that doesn't yet have missionaries and they aren't sure how long they will be there. Sister really wants to be baptized. They are a really cool family.

So one day we were teaching the Miguel Family and while we were teaching them it browned out. Anyway after the lesson, we prayed that the power would come back. So we had one more lesson before going home and we went to it while the power was still out. We got there and the old couple we have been teaching there was there as well as their daughter. They said they were hoping to leave and go to the fiesta, but the power went out and they were just waiting with nothing to do. We were able to teach and it was a really great lesson. Their daughter is from Santiago, but we were able to get her address and she said she would like to hear the lessons. It couldn't have been more than 2 minutes after we left their house that the power came back. It definitely wasn't a coincidence.

So this week I have learned the Lord just wants all we can give and then He will make up for the rest. Just end the days in prayer, just exhausted, begging the Lord to accept the work and to multiply it. I just love the mission! Every day you just go to bed spent and then you wake up and do it all over again. I remember how hard getting up at 6:30 and how exhausting it was in the MTC and earlier in my mission. But now it's definitely still exhausting, but it's enjoyable and isn't as hard and stuff. Just normal. I don't know, I can't explain it.

I know that the Atonement is real. President shared a quote with us in his letter earlier. "Do Not Look Back. You Are Not Going There!” I am thankful that the Savior made this possible. Whatever has happened can be done and we don't need to dwell on our shortcomings or weaknesses.

I love you so much and again time is unbelievably fast!
Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I am so happy to find your blog for your dear son Elder Griffin-we have come to love him so! Could be one of ours....he is an awesome missionary who really loves these people and they all know it. It will be a sad day when he moves on but I know we will see him off and on at different meetings. You can be so proud of him and the amazing work he is doing-hope to meet you all someday...

    sister shaner