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Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 76: New comps in Roxas Zone

Email conversation between AJ and his dad through Sunday night (Monday
in the Philippines)
Cousin Jonny and newborn Luke Griffin.
DAD: Hey AJ, here is a picture of Jonny and his new son, Luke Griffin! He was born this evening (about a month early) to Jonny and Demas. He is healthy and strong. So how are you?
AJ: Use the force eh? I didn't even know they were expecting. Tell them congrats!
DAD: Oops. sorry, I thought I told ya. You had to know he would use a Star Wars name. I'm a little surprised it's not Anakin. After all, he turned back in the end ;-) So how's the new comp?
AJ: He is cool. Elder Velez from Northern Samar. He was the zone leader in Tuguegarao. We both go home in October.
DAD: Velez ... seems like you have mentioned his name before, yes?
AJ: Nope, I've never talked to him until this week.
DAD: Ah well, you guys gonna get along good you think?
AJ: Yeah no problem. He is a little quiet but he is hard-working and obedient. No problem.
Elder Griffin and the other ZLs at Zone Leader Conference in Cauayan.
DAD: Cool. Hey, did ya ever watch the Jimmer video?
AJ: Not yet. I was hoping to go today but my comp had lots of laundry to do. Next week we have house inspections so we might be cleaning all day. President reminded me again to come and watch it. I need to hurry!
DAD: Thought you had ur own DVD player now. Can't you just get it and watch it on p-day whenever?
AJ: I don't know – he just told us to come to the mission home on P-day. But yeah, we do have a DVD player. Probably a good thing I don't have it because I would probably watch it every p-day the rest of my mission if he gave it to me.
DAD: Ha, that's funny. When did you get Velez? Thursday? Has he met all your investigators and families?
AJ: Yeah Thursday I got him. Yeah, he has met most of them. Sat and Sunday we watched conference.
DAD: In English? Do they do Tagalog conference? Is your comp a native Tagalog speaker?
AJ: Yeah, he is Tagalog speaker, he is really from Manila, but when he was 20 his family moved islands. He learned waray waray and met the missionaries and was baptized. Yeah, they have Tagalog and English. I just went to English. My comp went to Tagalog on Saturday, but didn't like it, and Sunday went to English. A lot of the members say they don't really like the Tagalog version because it's deep Tagalog and they don't like listening to the translator – they want to hear the real voices.
DAD: Did you ever listen to the MASH DVDs in another language? It was funny, but they had some really weasel sounding guy as Hawkeye's voice in French ... it was hilarious!
AJ: Not really.. That is funny though. Did you ever send the shaving oil back in the day?
DAD: No, Mom forgot to put it in the envelope we sent. We will send it tomorrow with some Easter candy. Need anything else?
AJ: Nope, that's it. I guess Elder Teh from the Quorum of the 70 is touring the mission next month. Supposedly he will interview all the zone leaders
DAD: That will be cool. Make sure your conscience is clear. Those G.A.s can see right through you...
AJ: Yeah, he seems a little intimidating too, from the talks I've seen him give. Great ...
DAD: You'll be fine – just wink at him and smile. That'll take him by surprise!
AJ: Yeah, that might work. I enjoyed your pictures. Everyone looks good. Time is really unbelievably fast.
DAD: Growing up, aren't they? Hey, I gotta hit the sack. It's 12:46 and I have a show in 6 hours. Look forward to your letter.
AJ: Oh alrighty. Tell Eddie and Wendy thanks for the financial contribution. That was really nice of them. Have a good night! Love you!!!
DAD: K, love ya son, a package is off tomorrow! Keep on OYMing!

Aaron Dickie.
Grandma and Mom look Easter-ey.
The hunt is on.
Holly, Katie and friend Jayden at Wash City egg hunt.
Dear Family,
So it was a busy week as Elder Rausa went home, we had Zone Leader Conference and then we had transfer day, plus Saturday and Sunday we watched conference. It was a really good week.

By the way I loved all the pictures you sent me. Looks like Easter was pretty great. Tell congrats to the new dad Jonny and also the picture of Wendy's baby is really cute.

On Tuesday we announced transfers and in our zone there are 22 missionaries and all companionships except 1 had changes. So our zone has a really new look.
Wednesday we had ZLC – it was kind of weird because we didn't know who our companions were yet and I didn't have a companion anymore. So on splits, I went with Elder Oliver to Cauayan and there we found out he was ZL and then we found out who our new companions were. Later that day was the farewell fireside and the people going home bore their last testimony. Sister Martinez went home … Kind of weird, it doesn't feel like its been that long (17-plus months). Then again, I can't really remember being home either. The mission does something really weird to time.

We got to watch conference this weekend. It was very inspiring and we loved it, had prayers answered and saw our investigators meet and listen to the prophet, which was really cool and seemed to be a big spiritual step. I really loved Elder Holland's talk about workers in the vineyard and Elder Bednar's talk in priesthood was great. And yeah, it was geared to the family and helping people come back.

Conference has gotten me thinking about the Atonement some more and I know that the Atonement really happened. Its amazing how God has provided a way that whatever has happened in the past can be left in the past as soon as we can, like Elder Holland said last conference, "It can be over as soon as you can say sorry and REALLY mean it." I am very thankful for the Atonement. I love being able to share it with others.

The Tan family has been doing good, although Sister Femma and Brian were the only ones who came to conference. It was very cool though, as they came to all the sessions and really enjoyed and felt the spirit of the messages given. Sister Femma is doing great and her baptism will be on the 21st. She is really excited

The church is true and I know the Savior lives.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder AJ
Howdy y'all?

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