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Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 46: Baptisms and the All American Rejects

Think he cleared that mountain?
AJ: Tao Po!
DAD: Hola Hijo!
AJ: How's life? Did the Cowboys win? BYU?
DAD: You haven't read my letter yet, have you?
AJ: OK, I read it now. I hadn't gotten to it yet. That's too bad. All heartbreakers, it sounds like.
DAD: Cowboys blew it late. BYU lost. Pine View lost. Rough weekend for your brothers around here.
AJ: That's too bad.
DAD: My fantasy team won. So that's something. Still great to be in football season! Losing sucks though. Tony Romo did his usual choke job with a late fumble and interception after playing great game early.
AJ: We didn't have any transfers. Baptism went great here. And all 6 scheduled are looking great for the 24th of September. Oh man, this is torture. The computer shop girl is blasting All American Rejects ... I MISS MUSIC!!!
DAD: Hasn't been much good new music. Lots of Lady Gaga and J-Lo and Pink and that crap that your mom and sisters like. Journey has a new album out with a different singer. Just not the same w/o Steve Perry, but the one single (City of Hope) is pretty good.
AJ: Oh man, sometimes I hear some Journey or Eagles or something. I forget about them most of the time. It's gonna be so awesome rediscovering all that great music again when I go home. Now she is listening to Thriller.
DAD: Sometimes it's hard to believe you are halfway around the world ... and then I see a pic of you and grass huts and stuff. BTW, you didn't let the greenie dunk your baptism?
AJ: Man, that's not my fault. I told him to. He said he didn't want to though. He was like, “Just ask and see who she wants.” And they always pick the American. I am gonna make him do the six on the 24th though.
DAD: All of them? You should share, maybe. Six in one day would be amazing though.
AJ: Yeah, when we were setting up all the dates, I didn't think all of them would make it. But they all are doing pretty awesome. The old grandpa is in Alma already. The old lady has quit coffee and NGA (like red chewing tobacco – only in the Philippines). The little kid's (Nika, 9) family started coming to church with her the past few weeks. Emma (the nanay) is doing awesome, quit coffee and has lots of friends at church. And the teenage girl, Janine (15) finally started going to seminary. She said after her first time going to seminary, “Oh Elder, seminary is actually fun.” I have been telling her to go to seminary for 2 months now. And she wore a skirt to church, which is a big deal because for some reason all the girls here really hate wearing skirts. So yeah, we have been teaching them all for a really long time, so I think there shouldn't be any problem on the interview.
DAD: Great pix, by the way. Wish I had some good ones to send back. Did I tell you we made 12 X 18 posters of your painting and your bridge shot and my Mustang and put them on the wall in the man cave?

Elder Fontany and Elder Griffin in Aritao.

AJ: Yeah, I heard you made posters, but I didn't know that big. You should send me some pics of the man cave. I haven't actually seen it finished yet.
DAD: Just 12 inches by 18 inches, so not too huge. But we are still looking for a good couch for in there that fits around that funny corner. Just have two D.I. Chairs …
AJ: I am getting a sweet picture made of the family made by that same artist dude. I saw it, he is almost done. Its pretty dang legit. He is pretty talented. He is way smart, too. We were talking about 10 tribes of Israel and stuff on some of our first visits. He won't really progress though. I think he thinks the Book of Mormon is just coming from the Bible. We left the story of Alma getting him and the believers out of bondage and then he was reading Mosiah. And he said the Alma story was just like Moses and that Mosiah couldn't have known that much detail about Christ. We were like, “He is prophet though,” and showed him Mosiah 8:16-17. We told him prophets can know pretty much everything. He just needs to read the BofM. I think he is going about it the wrong way, like it kind of seems like he wants to prove it wrong. I don't know...
DAD: Needs more of an open mind and heart. Hey, we are getting rained on for the first time in a couple months – lots of thunder and lightning, too.
AJ: Oh man. Yeah, it gets way hot here and then rains pretty much every day. It's pretty wacky weather. I think someone stole my umbrella at church yesterday. Then a big storm hit and I had this tiny lousy umbrella that I borrowed. Oh well, it was fun. Man, I don't have much to say in my letter this week. You'll have to include those things I wrote earlier. Sorry I don't have too much to say.
DAD: It's OK. Did you remember it is the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Hard to believe it's been 10 years. Everyone was sad, but resolved to be strong today. You out? Love you tons, son!
AJ: Yeah, gotta run. Love ya! Get some sleep, Dad!


Hey family,
No transfers (yey!). But it's going to be just a short 3 week transfer. I think the MTC Philippines (in Manila) is remodeling or something like that.

The Elders with new convert Sis. Maryann Neito.
Anyway, this was a great week that culminated with a great baptism. Sister Maryann Neito is now a member of the true church! It has been awesome to see her change as it took a long time back in the day to get her to come to church. And now she has been the like 30 minutes early to church the past few weeks and her testimony has really grown.

Work is great here in Aritao and things are really looking great for the baptisms on the 24th. Everyone is doing awesome and building testimonies!

Pretty normal week, just finding and teaching and working! Life is pretty awesome! This week we will just be getting people ready for interviews on Saturday!

Oh yeah, and yesterday I did remember Sept. 11. I remember I went to school and the TV was on in the classroom (we never watched TV at school so we were way surprised) and then I remember seeing all that horrible stuff that had happened. That was a sad day. I love America.

Sorry I don't have too much to say, but life is great. I am happy and the work is awesome and Aritao is beautiful. For sure the church is true and Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God! I am so thankful to have been raised with this knowledge and so blessed to have such great parents!

Love ya!

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