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Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 45: Football season here, but it's baptism season in Aritao

AJ: Magandang gabi po!
DAD: Hey, what the crap does that mean?
AJ: Hahahahhahaha ... means good evening.
DAD: Well then magandang gabi po to you too, son. And que paso, mi porqueto hijo?
AJ: Now what the crap does that mean? By the way President Carlos is so cool. Yesterday in church he texts us and says, “Hey, a good number to remember is 1413. And i was like what the crap?! I said, “Umm, ok, what does that mean? He said, “Oh. I just thought you would like the numbers 14 13.” So seriously, sitting in priesthood meeting it took me like 5 minutes to figure out. Then I was like, ah man, Jimmer stats? What? Then I finally figured it out that BYU's first game was probably right now. I couldn't remember who they were playing, though. But he told me. He also told me TCU lost and Notre Dame lost. Cool eh?
DAD: Means "What's happening, my little boy?" Yeah BYU moved the ball a lot, but didn't score much.
AJ: Does Jake Heaps still suck?
DAD: I know you were gone, but he was really good the second half of last season. He was decent, but not superb, Saturday against Mississippi.
AJ: Man, when I left he sucked!
DAD: I wrote the report card story on the Utes game for the Desnews.  Man, Jordan Wynn is the one who sucks. He was terrible.  His longest pass was fifteen yards.
AJ: They played a 1-AA team, didn't they?
DAD: Yeah, Montana State. They won by seventeen. Not impressed.
AJ: That's pretty pathetic. Did you get the pics I emailed just now?
DAD: Yep, just got them (our email is kinda screwy tonight). Looking good, man. You having fun?
AJ: Siympre! For sure! I cant believe I am 10 months now! Pretty soon I'll hit one year.
DAD: Yeah, that's pretty cool. Crystal Turner comes home this week, so we will just have you and Jared Turner out from our ward until Keenan goes in January.
AJ: Cool, well we are headed out! Can you check again about Stephen Anderson. Maybe on Facebook for what mission he is in. (Anyone reading this blog that knows what mission Stephen Anderson is serving in, please email me:
DAD: Cool, love you.
AJ: Oh and tell Sister Buatte I got her Dear Elder and thanks! Also, I got a Dear Elder from Elder Balaich. Tell him thanks as well and that I sent him something that one of our investigators gave him, as well as a letter from me.
DAD: K, Have a good week!


Isn't that supposed to say "Tootsie Roll?"
Hey Family!
Another great week here in Aritao! Things are looking really great with investigators and lots of people came to church this week. We will have a baptism of Nanay Neito (a referral) this weekend. With transfers this week, one of us might not be there. And on the 24th it is looking really promising for 6 baptisms!

If things go right this old couple (referral also) will be baptized. It's been way cool to see their change. At first I thought we would never be able convert them because the wife has a really hard time understanding (not the language, but the gospel) and the husband just wanted to argue the first few times we visited with them. But the husband is already to Alma reading the Book of Mormon. In the past when we would teach he would say "Where is that in the Bible?" Now he says, "Ah, where is that in the Book of Mormon?" Cool eh? And then if we say that Joseph smith said something or Thomas S. Monson said something (for instance: tithing, Word of Wisdom or reading every day) he says, "Oh tama, propeta ng panginoon iyan!" or "Ah, that's right, that is a prophet of the lord!" Also, the wife's friend will be baptized, too. She has always been listening as well. So we have seen a huge change in brother and now for the past few weeks he has been the first one except President Orlanda to church and he sets up chairs.

I have really gained a testimony about how doctrine understood really changes behavior. In my own life and in the lives of our investigators. When we really understand the WHY it makes following the gospel so much easier. I think the same is applicable in the family, in classes we might teach at church, or with any gospel principle. If an investigator really understands that Joseph Smith is a prophet, then they don't worry about why coffee or tea is not allowed.

Another investigator, Emma (the lady me and Elder Balaich met in the palengke, then she went to church immediately) is doing awesome. She is so nice and tries to give us food every time we visit her. Her faith is awesome though. She several times told her boss that she was going to church whether he liked or not and now she quit that job and works at a different place where she can listen to us whenever and go to church. We taught her fasting on Friday and she fasted this Sunday, no questions asked. It reminds me of when the Savior said "No greater faith have I seen in all of Israel." She really has given up everything since we have started teaching her and followed every commandment and teaching! No greater faith have I seen in all the Philippines!

Finally, on the 24th as well will be baptized Jenine Sangil (a 15-year old girl, teenager, that we have been teaching for a really long time) and Nika (a 9-year old girl that we have been teaching her family and trying to get them to come back to church). They finally came to church as a family yesterday, so that was super cool!

Well, running out of time. Love you all. I know the gospel is true and that every sacrifice made is worth it to live the gospel! We are so lucky to know of the truth and know the formula of happiness! The Book of Mormon is awesome! Don't let a day go by without opening it and reading it!

Love you!

1. How are your shoes holding up? Do we need to send more? Pretty ok! Hopefully not!

Looks like he could be in Utah ...

2. What's the scuttlebutt on transfers? Heard any rumors? Haven't really heard anything either way. Hopefully we can stay together at least for the next 3-week long transfer!
3. Something small will fit in the envelope when we send the magazines … what do you want? Probably Chocolate!

4. Ben and Laura wanted to know if you could use an American $10 bill. We told them to put it in your account. So what will you buy with $10 of mad money? Probably food! Oh, I think I need to go to Save More and buy the bratwurst! Thank you Ben and Laura. Also, thank you Grandpa and Grandma Laurito for the birthday money as well! And Grandpa and Grandma Griffin for helping every month!
5, Are the rice fields always flooded? When is harvest? Yeah pretty much always. People said every 3 months is harvest.
6. Grandpa Griffin wants to know if there are any cool geologic formations or if you've seen any fossils. I guess everything is covered in vegetation, so it's hard to tell, eh? Yeah, I forgot all that geology stuff anyway. Sorry!

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