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Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 74: Splitsville

AJ teaches the children of Roxas Primary. Apparently he is too tall for Philippine cameras, ha.
Hey Family,
Time sure flies!

So we had another really fast busy good week. This week we had our zone meeting, then on Wednesday the trunky Elders (haha) in the zone went to career workshop – It's a debriefing of sorts about 2 weeks before people go home. So Elder Rausa went with a couple Elders that are going home and Elder James, Elder Acu and I were left in Roxas.

For part of the day on Wednesday we delivered new mattresses to the whole zone and then we were able to go and teach a few really cool lessons before our companions got back Thursday.

Friday we had some baptismal interviews and Saturday we went to Tabuk for their
baptism. Tabuk was just re-opened by those elders a few months ago and they already have baptisms, so very cool!

This week I really have learned a lot about humility and how the Lord works and teaches us. The important part: I've decided that when things get tough we need to become teachable, not dwell on our misfortunes or sorrows. By the way my favorite Elder Holland quote pops into my head. Something like: " There is no downfall or misfortune
so bad that whining about it won't make it worse." Anyway, I love Elder Holland.

Probably not coincidentally, President Carlos's letter to us was about humility as well. This is one part I really liked from what I read earlier:
"Just like the Savior, no matter how obedient we are, we will face trials. When we hit a rough spot in life, we can embrace humility and turn to the Father or turn to the world's perspective of bitterness and despair. For those who embrace humility there is an incredible promise —deliverance!"

Humility is an attribute of the Savior and one we must seek after and desire if we are to survive this life's challenges and attain a place in the world to come. Its fruits do not come overnight. Being humble takes testing and consistency. When we feel pushed, forsaken, unloved or forgotten, it is difficult to turn to the Lord for instruction. In our trials while pleading for deliverance, maybe we should ask ourselves, "Am I coachable?" “Am I humble?”

Anyway I can't really explain what I am trying to say about humility, but humility is not just not bragging about yourself or stuff like that but is a lot deeper in that we are trying to give up our will to the Father … like the Savior did. He wasn't just humble in that sense, but everything he did was not for him, but what Father in Heaven wanted him to do. My final conclusion for now is being truly humble is very difficult.

So last week we got a really cool referral. The Grandpa is a really nice guy and most of his day is taken up by helping his sick wife. She had been having pains in her legs and she went to a Jehovah faith healer. To make a long story short, she got electrocuted by the faith healers healing and now is partially crippled. So we have taught them a few times and they are doing really well. The Grandpa doesn't believe any churches are true (at least until now :)) and is a really smart guy. When we first met him he was telling us about stuff in the Bible that contradicted some of the things in other churches and he is really interested in our message.

One sidewalk vendor delicacy in the Philippines. Yum!
He keeps asking us how he will know if our church is true or not, and we keep telling him to pray and read the Book of Mormon. Anyway, last time we went there we taught about the Restoration and praying to know. He is still confused about how he will get an answer, but we told our stories of praying to know and hopefully he did it. We have really gotten a lot of great referrals here in Roxas. We have been so incredibly blessed.

The Tan family is still doing awesome and Sister Feyma is really excited to be baptized on April 21. Her family is doing well, too. Her mother has been going to church and her sister has been listening, but hasn't yet gotten an answer to her prayers, but she has been doing great as well. They are a really cool family and Bryan should have his mission
call pretty soon.

We have had a few complications with the Gabaldon family as they have been super busy and we haven't been able to teach them as much as we hoped. But if things work out they will be baptized this Saturday and that will be really awesome.

By the way, the Shaners are very awesome and it's been very cool to learn from them and have them helping here in Roxas with the members. It's really great to have couples as sometimes us young Elders don't have the wisdom and experience necessary. The fantastic testimony's that the Shaners are able to share with the members and investigators hereis amazing. We love them so very much. Get ready, Mom and Dad, so you can go on a mission too! hehe :)

Well we better run!
Love ya all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Would you mind asking your son why Tabuk was closed?