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Monday, November 14, 2011

Week 55: The Curse of the Dengue Fever!

(About 12:30 a.m. Utah time or 3:30 p.m. Monday in the Philippines. Dad had already gone to bed.)

AJ: Hey man, sorry we didn't get in earlier. News of the week: I got Dengue Fever. It's like West Nile, maybe. Anyway, I've got a gnarly headache, fever, rash and loss of appetite, plus I am super tired and dizzy. But I think it's starting to go away. I've got the right medicine now and it's getting better. Sister Carlos said this was just a mild case. It could have been much worse. Wiped me out though. More in the letter.

Dear Family,

Wow, so this week has been good. Just working and teaching the people here in Ramon.

Brother Onia (son is on a mission) and 15-year old Mac Mac Loteryo are doing really great. We have lots of investigators as well that are most all getting stuck from progressing on the “go to church” part.

Dengue fever, or West Nile fever, is a mild viral illness transmitted by mosquitoes which causes fever, rashes and muscle and joint aches. Treatment includes rehydration and recovery is expected. A second exposure to the virus can result in Dengue hemorrhagic fever, a life-threatening illness.
Thursday or so I started feeling super tired and dizzy with a headache behind my eyes. Slept that night, but still wasn't feeling all too great. Slept a little in the afternoon and worked all day, but it was hard. Then on Friday did the same thing, but it was so hot and hard, too. On Saturday, we worked from noonish til like 6 and I was just wasted. Decided to go to bed and hopefully I would be feeling better for church. Slept all night. Was still feeling way tired and stuff. Went to church, but after Sacrament Meeting I was just way tired and super dizzy, so we went home. That day was the worst. We texted Sister Carlos to find out what was going on. She gave me some drugs to get. And they helped a ton.

This is the apartment Elders Griffin and Wooden call home in Ramon.
The ward was super nice, though. They brought us lunch and then dinner later at our house and I got lots of rest. They really took care of us. I had Elder Wooden give me a blessing, too. Then This morning I woke up with rash on my ankles and on my arms. Later, Sister Carlos said it was definitely Dengue Fever. She said if it's a mild one, it should take just a week or so to get over and the first 4 days are the worst part.

So it seems like the worst part should be over. I got worked though. I guess quite a few missionaries have gotten it, too. Elder Balaich got it back in Tuguegarao back in the day.

We did meet this one cool lady in one Brgy. We got gatorade at her little store and then we gave her a pamphlet. We went and taught a different lesson then came back and this trycie driver came and talked to us about "religion," he said. Anyway, he let us teach him and then the girl's store was right there and she was still reading the pamphlet and she was super interested. She said she has read most of the Bible the “Muslim Bible” and she wanted to read the Book of Mormon. But we were out (of BOMs) that day and are still out right now. Hopefully we get some by tomorrow. But we were able to share about Joseph Smith and why there are many churches and how to know which one is true. And then she committed to pray about it. She is super cool.

The Elders at their weekly dinner appointment with a member family, the Olars, in Ramon.

So don't be worried about the sickness thing. It's not anything dangerous or anything. I don't have a whole lot else to say this week, just the whole Dengue thing.

I am doing good though and although I am tired, I am all right!

Love Ya!

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