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Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 25: Heat and machetes

The Elders at the place they call "The Computer Shop"

It's hot!

So this week was good, but things kind of nosedived on Sunday. To start off the day, we went to one investigator that had a baptism date and she wouldn't come to church and said she doesn't want us to teach any more – ugh!

Then we got to church, and another investigator's family said she stole some of their money and skipped town and wasn't really interested in the lessons at all, but had been lying to us the whole time (her baptism date was just two weeks away).

And then the family that we have been teaching all week that has done really awesome saw everyone with palms (palm Sunday) and decided to go to the Catholic church (the mom is LDS, too). So
none of our investigators went to church :( UGH.....

Church was interesting though. It was ward conference and the Stake presidency tore the ward apart (figuratively speaking) for not doing home teaching and not helping the missionaries enough with referrals. And the stake presidency said someone was texting them complaints about how terrible the bishop is and stuff. Just a lot of back biting and stuff. The President was pretty upset.
AJ doing laundry. Now, everyone go kiss your washing machine.

Well this next week should be a hot, hot week of mostly tracting, as our teaching pool just lost a lot of potential. Its all right. I am excited. I know there are people prepared and we will have help finding them. too.

Some questions:
1. Have you ever been on that great big Buntun Bridge there? Looks pretty cool.Not yet. Apparently its on the way to Solana, which I haven't been to. I don't know if I will get a chance to either.

2. Guess you heard about Jared Turners call (to Leeds, England) from Mom. Any other guys you know about to leave? Jared doesn't go out until August.
When does Jordan Ellsworth leave? I don't know. I can't remember anyone.

3. Do they celebrate Easter much there? Oh yeah, they go to church on Easter and Christmas of course .This also what my mission president emailed us:

Easter in the Philippines is very serious.

Remember, this is Holy Week in the Philippines. That means many of the services (banks, stores, etc) will be closed at least Friday-Sunday. I doubt any ATMs will work between Friday and Sunday...Some will be closed all week. Plan your business needs early in the week. Be mindful of the local religious traditions pertaining to Holy Week – AND be respectful of their practices. In some areas of the Philippines, real live crucifixion actually takes place. If you see anything unusual, please be sensitve to the fact that to these people, these are sacred religious observances. Be mindful also that Catholics do not eat chicken, pork, or beef during Holy Week."

Elder Daqs said in some places they nail someone to a cross but don't kill, I guess?! He said there probably wont be any here, though. That's kind of disturbing ...

4. Do you alter your clothing at all when it gets really hot? Guess you didn't need a moo moo or whatever.Ah, not really, I just try to take less stuff. No one wears a lava lava here. I think that is like the small islands and Guam and stuff like that – Not really to mainland Philippines.

5. You mention it being dangerous after dark. Do they have much violent crime there? Are there gangs?Supposedly there is quite a bit of violence. Here there are just lots of drunk people out at night. Really, that's the only people out after about 8:30 are drunk people.

6. When's the next transfer date?
May 5. I probably will be transferred because Elder Daqs is dying (going home) next cycle. But if not, I'll be in Linao until August at least because one more cycle with him and one more helping someone else get to know the area. Anything can happen though
7. Well, your box should be there soon. Are you excited?
Yeah, hopefully tomorrow. President is coming and interviewing everyone tomorrow, too.
8. We had an unhappy ward like your's in New Jersey on my mission. It's too bad, because you are just trying to help them have a better life, right?
Yeah, it's hard. People don't like to be happy.This ward has the lowest home teaching, referrals, etc. The stake pres. was mad. Its pretty ridiculous. I am gonna have to agree with the stake pres on the matter too. There is a lot of problems in the ward. Weaver and Daqs. both said this is about as bad a ward as they have seen. Our zone leaders (who used to have this area) said it was their hardest area of their whole mission. At least it can only go up from here, right? I just try to ignore them and do my job. It is hard when investigators see the members doing stupid stuff. We really only have one or two guys helping us with fellowshipping, too. There are some really awesome members here, but they can't really seem to get it together. They aren't organized, I guess, is the biggest problem.

Elder Daqs. has just two months left on his mission.

9. Mom said some of her dresses are made in the Philippines. Do you see that kind of stuff? Yeah everything is pretty cheap here. It's not as good of quality though. I'll have to get some cool stuff before I go – Like custom jerseys with shorts are like 15 bucks ... and machetes are like 4 dollars each. I have one (I use for service projects). I can't say I have looked at the dresses yet, but I am sure they are cheap, too.

10. A machete? You have a machete? The other missionaries said to keep one handy in case of rats – haha.

Well kinda short, but that's about all there is to say. It's so hot! The work is hard but, it's coming along. I am happy. I miss you. Mother's day is coming fairly soon. I guess we are allowed to Skype you on Mother's Day – Monday the 10th.(Sunday the 9th for you). So Mom's birthday here, but Mother's Day in Utah. You'll have to look into what it takes to Skype. I'll give ya more details in the coming weeks.

Love ya!
Miss Ya!


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